Trilogy: Increasing engagement in cybersecurity (Part 1)

Leadership and Cybersecurity

Multiple studies suggest many executives aren’t as engaged as they should be when ensuring their organizations are prepared to mitigate and manage cybersecurity risks. Insights from our Fourth Annual Data Breach Preparedness Survey, conducted by the Ponemon Institute, support this sentiment. Of the privacy, compliance and IT professionals polled:

  • 57% said their company’s board, chairman and chief executive officer were not informed about or involved in data breach response planning.
  • 60% have leadership who don’t want to know immediately when a material breach occurs.
  • 66% have a board that doesn’t understand the specific cybersecurity threats their organization faces.
  • 74% said their board isn’t willing to take ownership for successful incident response plan implementation.

For organizations to protect themselves, cybersecurity professionals need to create greater engagement among the organization’s leadership. Next week, we’ll look at how they can accomplish this. If you’d like, you can jump ahead and read it now.

Fourth Annual Data Breach Preparedness Survey