Forecasting the next trends in Mobile

By: Mike Horrocks

As summer comes to end, so does the summer reading list but if you are still trying to get one in, I just finished reading “Isaac’s Storm: A Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History”, which is about Isaac Cline the resident meteorologist  for  U.S. Weather Bureau and the 1900 Hurricane that devastated Galveston, Texas.

It is a great read, using actual telegraphs, letters, and reports to show the flaws of an outdated system and how not looking to new sources of information and not seeing the values of nontraditional views, etc., lead to unfathomable destruction for the people of Galveston.  As I read the book, I was challenged to think of what is right in front of me that I am not seeing for what it is, just like Mr. Cline ignored reports that would have clearly saved lives and helped predict the storm.  So, how can this historical storm teach us a thing or two in the financial industry?

Clearly one of the most rapidly changing aspects in banking today is the mobile channel.  Many institutions have already adjusted to using it as a service channel, with remote deposit capture, balance, inquiry etc., but what are they doing to take it to the next step?

On August 7, 2014, Experian is hosting a webinar by American Banker titled, “What is next for mobile banking?”  The webinar will have a powerful panel with thought leaders such as Dominic Venturo, the Chief Innovation Officer at U.S. Bank, Gordon Baird, the Chief Executive Officer at Independence Bancshares, and Cherian Abraham, Senior Business Consultant with Experian’s Global Consulting Practice.

If you are already using mobile or maybe trying to look at what you could change, this is a great session to attend.  Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to go into some of the key topics from this webinar and explore them some more.  Hope to see you at this American Banker webinar.