Continuous-loop Decisioning – What is it?

August 24, 2011 by Guest Contributor

By: Mike Horrocks

The realities of the new economy and the credit crisis are driving businesses and financial institutions to better integrate new data and analytical techniques into operational decision systems. Adjusting credit risk processes in the wake of new regulations, while also increasing profits and customer loyalty will require a new brand of decision management systems to accelerate more precise customer decisions.

There is a Webinar scheduled for Thursday that will insightfully show you how blending business rules, data and analytics inside a continuous-loop decisioning process can empower your organization – to control marketing, acquisition and account management activities to minimize risk exposure, while ensuring portfolio growth.

Topics include:

  • What the process is and the key building blocks for operating one over time
  • Why the process can improve customer decisions
  • How analytical techniques can be embedded in the change control process (including data-driven strategy design or optimization)

If interested check out more – there is still time to register for the Webinar.

And if you just want to see a great video – check out this intro.