Finding growth in your current applicants

August 11, 2010 by Kelly Kent

Recently, a number of media articles have discussed the task facing financial institutions today – find opportunities growth in a challenging and flat economy. The majority of perspectives discuss the fact that lenders will soon have no choice but to look to the ‘fringe’, by lowering score cut-offs, adjusting acquisition strategies and introducing greater risk into their portfolios in order to grow. Risk and marketing departments are sure to be creating and analyzing credit risk models and assessing credit risk in new, untapped markets in order to achieve these objectives. While it may appear to be oversimplifying the task, many lenders have the opportunity to grow simply by understanding more about two groups of consumers that are already sitting in their offices (or application queues) today: applicants who are approved, but book elsewhere, and applicants that are declined. There are a number of analytic techniques that can be utilized to understand these populations further. Lenders can study the characteristics of other loans originated by these lost consumers, and can also perform analyses of how these consumers performed after booking competitive offers. By understanding the credit characteristics and account delinquency trends of its current applicants, lenders can uncover a wealth of information and insight about the growth opportunities sitting right before them.