Extended fraud resolution is the new standard

Published: March 5, 2012 by bkrenek

Customers see a data breach and the loss of their personal data as a threat to their security and finances, and with good reason. Identity theft occurs every four seconds in the United States, according to figures from the Federal Trade Commission.

As consumers become savvier about protecting their personal data, they expect companies to do the same. And to go the extra mile for them if a data breach occurs. That means providing protection that holds up under scrutiny. Protection that offers peace of mind, not just in the interim but years down the line.

The stronger the level of protection you provide to individuals affected in a breach, the stronger their brand loyalty. Just like with any product, consumers can tell the difference between valid protection products that work and ones that just don’t.

Experian® Data Breach Resolution takes care to provide the former, protection that works for your customers or employees affected in a breach and that reflects positively on you, as the company providing the protection.

Experian’s ProtectMyID® Elite or ProtectMyID Alert provides industry-leading identity protection and, now, extended fraud resolution care. ExtendCARE™ now comes standard with every ProtectMyID data breach redemption membership, at no additional cost to you or the member.

With ExtendCARE, the identity theft resolution portion of ProtectMyID remains active even when the full membership isn’t. ExtendCARE allows members to receive personalized assistance, not just advice, from an Identity Theft Resolution Agent. This high level of assistance is available any time identity theft occurs after individuals redeem their ProtectMyID memberships.

Extended protection from a global leader like Experian can put consumers’ minds at ease following a breach. If we can help you with pre-breach planning or data breach resolution, reach out to us via our contact form on our Contact page.