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Experian is really the benchmark that we relate a lot of our other vendor client relationships with.  Our relationship with Experian, our partnership, is consultative.

Jonathan Telzrow

Senior Vice President, Amalgated Bank of Chicago

Customer Acquistion

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Vision - Amalgamated Bank of Chicago

Jonathan Telzrow, Senior Vice President

Amalgamated Bank of Chicago

Describe Your Role and Responsibilities.

I own the bankcard operations at Amalgameted, that would be from cradle to grave of the customer entry; both from marketing - getting those new customers in, handling them, getting the usage up, activation up and retention - keeping that to the inevitable, potential collection efforts up on the back end as well.

What are Some of Your Biggest Challenges?

I think the biggest challenges facing Amalgamated right now are three - first of all, it's acquiring the best customers. One that's going to be profitable and second dealing with the regulations, and those are large in their own right. And, the final one is just making sure we're staying on top of our customer needs, what they are and are continuing to try to exceed those expectations. 

Which Experian Solutions Have You Implemented?

We use Experian® for the account acquisition side to try to model and get the best customer that we can. We use them within the life-cycle to monitor the activity of our customer base and look for anomolies and look for things that we need to be prepared for. But, the third thing that we really use Experian for is the people that we work with. They keep us abreast of the issues that are happening in the industry, as well as keeping our uniqueness in mind to say what products really fit what we need at Amalgamated.

Why Did You Choose to Work With Experian?

Amalgamated Bank has a unique kind of customer, and Experian has done a good job of fitting the right product to that.  And, what we have found is that we continue to get the kind of customers that we're looking to get through the product set that Experian uses front end for us for acquisition. And, that's really the value that we get back out of it. The relationship that we have with Experian is very good and their people knowing what products are best suited for us, so we're not wasting our time trying to sell us a product that really doesn't fit our unique mission statement at Amalgamated.

Experian is really the benchmark that we will relate a lot of other vendor client relationships with. Our relationship with Experian, our partnership, is that it's consutative, I even view it as a consultative one. We even have a rep that calls on us, asks us what's our game plan, where are we going in the next year and how can Experian help meet those needs.

I would say the two words that define Experian are expertise and innovation. The expertise of what's going on in the industry, and communicating that out to the bank. But, also the innovation to say this is where we need to go, let's tear down the old and come up with something new that meets that need. Those would be the two words I'd use.

Acquisition Helps Prioritize and Refine Campaign Strategy to Achieve Increased Response Rates

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