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Requesting corrected report be sent to creditors

Dear Experian, Whom do I contact to request a corrected credit report be sent out to creditors? I was an identity theft/fraud victim and there were fraudulent inquiries on my report which have been removed. - TNT

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Mortgage loan not being reported after declaring bankruptcy

Dear Experian, We filed bankruptcy two years ago and want to either refinance our home or possibly buy a new home. When the bank pulled our credit they said that our existing mortgage is not being reported on Equifax, Experian or Transunion. We have all of our monthly statements from our lender verifying that we have been paying on our house for the past 2 years. How do we show this information to you so you can start reporting all of our mortgage history on our credit report? - ETL

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Updating the mailing address on your credit report

Dear Experian, I don't have any open credit accounts, so how do I inform Experian of my new home address? - VLK

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Removing an incorrect address in your credit report

Dear Experian, You have me listed at an address I have never lived at. How is this removed? -DNW

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How long does it take for paid off accounts to show zero balance

Dear Experian, If I pay off all of my credit cards to a zero balance, how long does it take for that payoff to show up in an improved credit score? I want to pay off all of my cards and improve my score for a mortgage application. - ANG

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