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Full account numbers not shown on your personal report

Dear Experian, I see that your report displays my bank account number, as well as several current account numbers for credit cards, etc. Does anyone who requests a credit report on me see all this personal information? - GNG

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A joint checking account will not influence credit history or scores

  • September 28th, 2011
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Dear Experian, Does having a joint checking account bring down a person’s credit score? - WAG

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“Overdraft/reserved checking account” is a collection account

Dear Experian, I work in my company’s Human Resources department, and our consumer reporting agency uses Experian to obtain credit reports. We have recently seen the term "Overdraft/Reserve Checking Account" on credit reports and are not familiar with what that means. Our consumer reporting agency told us to contact you. We only see it when the account is not in good standing. - EGR

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