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We believe in setting women up for success – we believe in changing the conversation now more than ever to ask how we can seek out female candidates, and what we can do to provide ongoing support throughout their career.

We are proud to have three female board members on the Experian board, which puts us in the top 20% of companies globally.

We all have work to do to shape the trajectory of women, especially in tech, and we have an ongoing commitment to provide an environment of support and growth with employee resource groups, enrichment opportunities, and several benefits that are shaped to support and mentor women for generations to come. 

“Experian is a global organization that has provided immense opportunities for me to learn on the job, explore different roles, and meet people throughout the organization from around the globe.”

—Kathryn Su


"Because of the rotational program, I am able to work alongside veterans of the IT industry. I have learned about how they have succeeded for so long in this fast-changing industry and how they stay motivated. To work alongside these experts is an extraordinary benefit for which i am grateful."

- Caroline Wilde 

“I’ve worked at a number of companies but never one that displayed such an incredible camaraderie and sense of purpose toward which we are all working. I am very proud to be on this team.”

— Natalie Mann 


"I really feel like Experian does a great job to help support work life balance. We work hard and are incredibly dedicated, but as a working mom I also feel supported to be available for my family when I need to be. "

— Missy Barajas 


 “After 15 years, I still learn something new each day from my talented, clever and dedicated co-workers and from our clients. Not only am I passionate about what I do, I am excited about the people I get to do it with.”

- Christine Frohlich 


It’s your tomorrow. Explore opportunities with Experian today.

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