Bring your whole self to work at Experian.

Let's not only embrace our differences, let's also celebrate them.  

The Power of YOU

Here at Experian, we aim to create a workplace where everyone is comfortable bringing their whole self to work. We want to embrace not just the differences we see, but also those we can’t – how we think, our beliefs, education, life experience, work style, sexual orientation, socio-economic background and perspective. The Power of YOU encompasses all of these. Simply put, we want you to be your most authentic self at work.

Launched in 2017, The Power of YOU signifies our philosophy to not only embrace our differences, but to celebrate them. We believe when you bring your true, whole self to work, you are able to do your best work. We want our Experian family to feel confident and self-assured while in the workplace.

Employee Resource Groups

The Power of YOU has led to building a strong sense of community and outreach in our company. This has expanded to employee-led and company-sponsored Employee Resource Groups. This was the natural progression of The Power of YOU, further encouraging and celebrating greater inclusion within our Experian family and our communities.  In 2018, we launched six initial Employee Resource Groups (ERGs):

Experian Clubs

Experian Clubs are employee-led associations formed to bring employees together through a broad range of shared interests. Experian Clubs span from career-related interest groups geared to improve public speaking or leadership skills, to personal interest groups, such as playing musical instruments, sports or video games.

Employee Stories - The Power of You

The Power of You philosophy encourages employees to bring their whole selves to work. Watch this video highlighting some of our unique and diverse employees sharing their stories about what it's like to work at Experian.

Our Inclusive Culture

Our differences make us stronger, more creative and successful. Find out how Experian’s inclusive culture fuels our innovation and ongoing success as a business.

2018 Inclusion & Diversity Annual Report

We believe that the key to growing a diverse workforce and fostering innovation is creating a culture of inclusivity. For more information on how we are doing just that, view our 2018 Inclusion & Diversity Report.

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