Collaboration: The True Heartbeat of Experian

As a company, one of Experian’s goals is to make sure our professionals achieve theirs. We support them in developing their talents, challenging them in their work and pushing the boundaries in an innovative and technologically forward-thinking industry. There’s no question that they couldn’t succeed without each other. Collaboration isn’t a buzzword around Experian—we live and breathe it.

“You always have the chance to learn something new from somebody”

As a company that lives on the cutting edge, we’re used to change. That’s why we make sure our people are always prepared for what’s next and ready to hit the ground running.

“When there is a change in technology, our employees host training sessions,” said Wes Hoang, who interned with our Software Development Department. “We all grow together to find our best way to every solution.” 

Wes Hoang, Software Development Department Intern


Sometimes that means moving fast to get a project done. “There are so many bright, intelligent and motivated people at Experian and very few ‘big egos’ to work around,” said Paul Haddon, Vice President of Governance and Strategic Initiatives. “It is such a collaborative work environment. It feels great when you pull together a diverse team, quickly attain alignment and get things done.”

“I like that Experian looks for the best and brightest minds,” said Norbal Gonzalez, a Customer Care Specialist. “Employees are always exposed to other amazing employees and intelligent thinkers.” It’s something that allows for a creative work environment, collaboration and innovation.

Grace Jakubowski, Account Executive


It also allows everyone at Experian to “pay it forward.” “Every person I have worked with—whether they have been here for 20 years and are at the top or have been here for four months—is willing to take time out of their day to help you in any way they can,” said Grace Jakubowski, Account Executive on the Growth Channel/Core Team.

“It’s one of the biggest advantages of working for a company like ours. There’s so much variety in thinking styles and personalities that you always have the chance to learn something new from somebody.”
— Fernando Rivera, Customer Care Manager


“The people I work with are the utmost professionals, striving to do their very best, are collaborative and constantly looking to learn and develop,” Peter Moraga, Senior Account Executive, explained. As a recent addition to the Fraud and ID team, Moraga said that his coworkers have embraced him as a new member of the team and have been helpful as he’s learned the products and how to navigate Experian. “I couldn’t have asked for a more fun team to be part of.”


Grow personally and professionally

Half of employed adults sought out training or coursework to learn, improve or maintain job skills in 2016, according to The Pew Research Center. At Experian, we understand the desire to grow professionally and explore new opportunities in a career.

“Experian is a global organization that has provided immense opportunities for me to learn on the job, explore different roles and meet people throughout the organization from around the globe.”
— Kathryn Su, Director of Global Strategy


We try to make that movement within the company as accessible as possible. Just take Brolin Rodrigues, a Sales Engineer whose career recently took a leap.

Brolin Rodrigues, Sales Engineer


“Experian is very focused on growing and retaining talent by offering as many opportunities as possible to those seeking it,” he said. “My three years in Experian is testament to that, with my move to Boston from London being a prime example!” 

Gina McDowell, Senior Manager Client Services


However, there are still plenty of new opportunities and experiences available without hopping the pond. Gina McDowell, Senior Manager in Client Services, enjoys the variety of projects that make each of her days a uniquely different and interesting experience. She says you just can’t beat the satisfaction that comes from successfully collaborating and influencing positive outcomes with both team members and others across the company.


Great people making a better tomorrow

Samantha Ho, HR Business Partner


Overwhelmingly, when our employees talk about what they love about Experian, they talk about the people.

“The best part of my job is the people I get to work with and for. I am surrounded with some of the most innovative, smart and down-to-earth characters in the field.”
— Caroline Wilde, EITS IT Graduate Program


Samantha Ho, an HR Business Partner, particularly values the opportunity to engage with “wonderful, smart and talented people” and to build positive and valuable working relationships within her business unit and wider team. “Over the years,” she added, “my role has also provided me with the opportunity to add value coaching to both employees and managers, which is an extremely rewarding and satisfying aspect of my role.”


Lauren Alvarez, Security Engineer


With more than 6,000 employees in America alone, there’s no shortage of talent. Lauren Alvarez, Security Engineer, said that creativity and thinking outside the box is encouraged. “I work in a team that enables me to innovate and collaborate with other teams to help drive our organization to a better tomorrow.”


It’s your tomorrow. Join our amazing team at any one of our locations in North America.



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