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Why Sales & Business Development is important to us

We may lead the industry in data analytics and innovation technology, but at the end of the day, relationships drive our success. Our Sales and Business Development team works with clients in a diverse range of industries including healthcare, automotive, real estate, mortgage, banking and Fintech, just to name a few. We rely on our professionals in Sales and Business Development to demonstrate our commitment to our clients and the industries they serve.

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Meet our real Sales & Business Development team

christine bacchi

Christine Bacchi, Third Party Risk Team Lead USA

Experian allowed me to grow and succeed while understanding the need for a work life balance. The saying work hard, play hard is fitting to the lifestyle of Experian. It’s a diverse community of great people coming together with common goals of protecting and educating our consumers while providing our customers with best in class services. Additionally, Experian is committed to giving back to the community and providing opportunities for volunteering.

Experian is constantly changing, growing and evolving to meet and exceed the needs of our clients. While we do that we are also educating, protecting and helping consumers to make informed choices. It is a company where you can see the positive difference you make in the community. When I started with the company Experian was not well-known. Now, Experian’s brand is well known and accepted as a positive source for a consumer from protecting the consumer to helping consumers make the right choice.

allison branton

Allison Branton, Client Account Executive, USA

What inspired to you work at Experian? [Allison Branton] I was previously a client of Experian’s and found what they were providing and doing for clients to be cutting edge and exciting. I decided to make the jump to the other side to be a part of it and share first hand how Experian solutions can help companies. I always try to incorporate my own testimonial of being a former Experian client into my conversations.

What makes Experian unique and different? [Allison Branton] I believe what makes Experian different is our dedication and honesty. The company is dedicated in providing solutions that will help companies and improve consumers lives. The honesty comes into play with how we choose to run our business and the transparency we provide to our clients.