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Experian is looking for specialists driven to create products that will meet changing consumer and business demands. From fraud management tools to sophisticated software systems, our product development experts conceive, design, build and manage the hundreds of products and services we offer.

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prasanna muniswaran

Prasanna Muniswaran, Software QA Manager Senior, USA

The renewed focus on innovation and the continuous encouragement from leadership and co-workers to try something new is what inspires me to work here at Experian. Why wouldn’t you want to work at a place where you are not afraid to fail?

Passion and Compassion! We are highly passionate in what we do and this shows across Experian, top to bottom. We are also a compassionate bunch as evidenced by the numerous charities we support and even just among selves.

christine siu

Christine Siu, Software Developer - Lead, USA

If you are like me who had the cross-century work experience, you probably still remember the Y2K problem in most of IT companies at the end of last century. Y2K created a lot of job opportunities. I came to Experian in 1997 as a contractor, the year that many companies were hiring contractors to fix Y2K issue. I was converted as employee in 2000, after Experian had safely passed the turn of century.

This is going to be my 20th year to be Experian employee. When I look back all these years that I spent at Experian, I am amazed and inspired by the unchanging philosophy of the company, which is to put client and employee first.

I started as a developer in CIS to support the mainframe legacy system. In 2005, the management saw the limitation to remain competitive if we continued to stay on mainframe, they decided to change the platform to the Unix-based distributed servers. As business models change, clients have a bigger need to receive fresher data in less time. Three years ago, the business partners and management made a commitment to deliver innovative and creative products with the help of the latest technology. Currently we are in the process to re-platform our applications to AWS. Throughout my career years with Experian, I can see Experian is always pushing for better quality and service in order to meet the client expectation.

20-year is a long time. One of the reasons for my loyalty with the company is the flexibility that Experian offered me. When I first started, my manager allowed me to start work early and leave work early. When VPN became available, I was able to work remote from home. Management recognizes and respects the family needs of employees. The work flexibility allows me to take care of work without forsaking the need of my family.

In summary, I feel fortunate and thankful for all these years with Experian, which provided me a place to grow and acquire new skills. With the support and encouragement from my superior, I can also contribute what I have learned over the years to help the team achieve a higher goal.

ruchika aneja

Ruchika Aneja, Project Manager Consultant, USA

Experian is an innovative and futuristic company that has been providing a wide array of value-added services to its customers globally for decades. Every day working at Experian I find new reasons to get inspired by the energy, the vibe and the passion of thousands of employees, a majority of who have been there for long years helping build the company and achieve the coveted honor of being the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Experian is literally a “family” that truly cares about its people and customers. The Experian culture encourages and celebrates diversity and honors the unique talents along with the differences that each one of us brings to the table.