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Why Legal and Compliance is important to us

Experian’s Legal and Compliance team helps us negotiate complex and important business challenges. These valuable professionals are responsible for navigating compliance audits and examinations, staying on top of shifting laws and regulations, and ensuring companywide adherence to critical compliance policies and procedures. There is no team more important to advise management on possible risks.

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Meet our real Legal and Compliance team

merit albaiady

Merit Albaiady, Legal Counsel, USA

What inspired to you work at Experian? Experian’s reputation in the industry as a company, people and culture inspired me to want to work here. Meeting the talented and wonderful people of the Law department during the interview process solidified that. You could tell they enjoyed what they did and the company they worked for.

What makes Experian unique and different? Experian’s culture and “bring your whole self to work” mentality makes it different. Most companies say they want to have an inclusive culture, but fall short. Experian truly works towards that every day. In fact, when I started telling people that I was going to go work for Experian, the response I received was “you’re going to love working there!”

marcia topiwala

Marcia Topiwala, Legal Counsel, USA

Experian is a well-known, highly regarded company. The legal group is highly respected and works well with the business, which is wonderful and not something you see at every company. Finally, I have the opportunity to work with many different people and do different sorts of work, and I enjoy that variety.

Experian’s culture is great and the people that work here are amazing. My coworkers are incredibly smart, but also fun to be around, and everyone supports each other. I’m proud to be a part of this company.

john p migliarini

John P. Migliarini, Senior Counsel, USA

What inspired to you work at Experian?

Coming from large law firms, I was drawn to the prospect of being an integral part of a company and their journey so that I could see the results of my work. I appreciated that Experian had an established and stable reputation. When I interviewed, I saw how dynamic and complex the business could be, and knew that it would be an engaging and intellectually challenging place to work.

What makes Experian unique and different?
The culture and leadership. From the top down there’s a genuine interest in not just the success of the company, but also each employee. Success at Experian doesn’t just mean meeting goals, targets, and numbers. It also encompasses making employees feel comfortable and encouraged to be their true selves. It means taking time away from our desks to share food and culture, to volunteer in our community, to bring our kids to the office on Halloween for spectacular mazes and tricking or treating, and enjoying each other’s company. It’s not just a workplace, it’s a community.