Experian Finance

Why Finance is important to us

A fiscally responsible company that expects to remain profitable relies on a team of Finance professionals with the expertise to solve complex problems in forecasting, accounting and strategy. Our global Finance organization operates across a diverse set of financial roles, each of which provides opportunities to impact our business and drive results. Typical duties include reviewing financial reports, preparing forecasts, investigating ways to improve profitability, and analyzing markets for business opportunities.


Meet our real Finance team

scott wattenbarger

Scott Wattenbarger, Procurement Specialist Lead, USA

What inspired to you work at Experian? When the recruiter told the position was at Experian I immediately perked. Once I interviewed and was able to see the commitment to diversity and work culture I was excited to accept the position.

What makes Experian unique and different? I had worked at a very large international company before and they had a procedure and process for everything. I took forever to get anything done. Experian similarly large but fast and cutting edge. I am fascinated by our products and the amount of innovation. So much of what we do is absolutely fascinating.

tanya thai

Tanya Thai, Financial Analyst II, USA

What inspired me to work at Experian, is the diversify culture and the believe and confident in my peers.

I feel Experian is unique and different for believing in their employees. I can be creative in my work and not get judged by it. The peers here are all well-educated and respected to each other. Going to a drama-free work environment make a big different for me

rodrigo imai

Rodrigo Imai Director Financeiro Procurement, Brazil

What inspired to you work at Experian?
RI: The growth and speed of Experian is amazing and fascinating. We are always using high-end technologies and it´s certainly an opportunity for learning and development. I came from a mine and steel company that are huge but also very difficult to shift, here in Experian I see lots of initiatives that can accelerate our growth and people put their best efforts on.

What makes Experian unique and different?
RI: Experian has a very good climate and people do collaborate each other. Leadership also does a great job on keeping right direction and people engaged. I like to work in a company that is growing fast but also gaining productivity to become lighter and profitable.

craig wilson

Craig Wilson, Global Strategic Pricing Consultant, UK

What inspired to you work at Experian?
As a data fanatic myself, I was incredibly excited about joining a company who’s core mission is to create a better tomorrow through the use of data. To work for a company who share the same beliefs and values as I do and who give back to the communities within which they operate through their corporate social responsibility initiatives, were significant factors in me joining.

What makes Experian unique and different?
The culture at Experian is certainly a unique one, no matter where you look within business there is encouragement to be innovative and there is advocacy to think differently. This challenges employee’s on a daily basis, bringing out the best in what they do. What I love about Experian is that they don’t just talk the talk, there is real evidence of the company practising what they preach in many pockets throughout the organisation which, for such a large global organisation operating in many different markets, is truly rewarding to be a part of.