Experian Data Management

Why Data Management is important to us

Experian Data Managers source, monitor and apply the data that gives our different business units the insights they need to serve our clients. Data Managers work with our software and internet applications to ensure that the data we manage is accessible, dependable and most of all, secure. We’re looking for professionals who thrive on the opportunity to review and compound data, and who recognize how important data collection is to our core competency.

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Meet our real Data Management team

winile buthelezi testimonial

Winile Buthelezi, Data Management Administrator, Johannesburg

I joined Experian in 2007 as a temp, but I loved the work and the culture of this company I pushed myself so hard, I was offered a permanent position in less than 3 months.
I was inspired by the leadership of Experian, they made you feel like part of the team and not just an employee. I have since been blessed with the best colleagues so much that most of them have become more like family than co-workers.

Experian is a company full of opportunities, and I have been able to acquired so much knowledge and expertise over the years.
Being the in Data Management department has allowed me the exposure of the entire business as a whole and that makes my job even more interesting...there is a never a dull day!

Experian is different from other companies I have worked for before because employees are seen as people…they are very considerate when it comes to our family life as well as our own well-being. Its not only about making money but also taking care of its employees. Its truly is the best company for me!

ian milne testimonials

Ian Milne, Requirements Lead, UK

Big databases that support business critical systems and a company that was successful and growing rapidly was the appeal for me. I have been with Experian for many years and so I feel a part of the evolutionary growth story of Experian. For me the question is more ‘What has inspired me to stay at Experian?’ My inspiration has been the different and interesting roles and geographies I have worked in, the global cultural diversity, the flexibility of work and the individuals I work with.

Decades of continual growth, success and resilience enabled by a diverse product range and geographies. Experian increasingly performs an important role in the financial infrastructure of the global credit economy.