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Why Analytics is important to us

Experian is all about data -- and analyzing that data to unlock new opportunities for our clients and consumers. To deliver in this world of data decisioning, we are searching for Analysts who question thoroughly and analyze deeply. We want individuals who are passionate about finding the value in prescriptive or predictive data, where your work will serve industries in everything from healthcare to manufacturing, from retail to marketing.


Meet Real Team Members

zhen wu testimonial

Zhen Wu, Data Modeling Senior Analyst, USA

I am proud to work at Experian because we are a company with great history of leadership in the industry. Experian is committed to ethics and integrity and has embedded those values into the business, through its people, values, programs, and policies. Our company invested in developing, retaining and advancing diverse, high-performing professionals and made it a priority to help ensure that everyone embraces a sense of personal responsibility for doing the right thing in the right way.

Experian has collection of very talented, hard-working individuals who are committed to ensuring that the team is as successful as it can be. As a forward-thinking company, to adjust the fast moving environment, Experian supports learning and development on the job. Flexible working arrangement enables us to be independent and take responsibility for our own workload.

bowen song testimonial

Bowen Song, Data Engineering Analyst I, USA

I am now working as a data engineering analyst in the custom modeling group. Before I joined Experian, I was impressed by the wide application of Experian products. I also want to learn about how to build machine learning models for credit score modeling. This is what exactly I am doing right now: auditing our custom statistical risk models and exploring new credit modeling techniques.

Before I entered Experian, I have also worked as a data engineering intern at another company. I think the thing that makes Experian unique is that our models are really having an impact in the financial industry. Our clients are very glad that we help them save millions of dollars by using our models. I also enjoy the collaborative culture here. We always work together and help each other even if we are working on different projects. This collaboration saves me tons of time in working and increase my work efficiency by a huge amount. We also have a very friendly atmosphere in the work space.

arindam guptaray testimonial

Arindam Guptaray, Data Science Scientist Senior, USA

When I was looking for an opportunity more challenging than my present job I was lucky enough to get three offers, one of them from Experian. Experian was not my first preference since I was looking for something local in San Diego. However, it all changed after I did some research on Experian and talked to Angela, my bosse’s boss. I found out that Experian is the market leader in Bureau data and has a top class analytics team. I was also assured that I can work at the San Diego location and can have flexible hours.

Experian recognizes contributions of every individual and provides the right stage to showcase the person’s research. The product that I designed was presented to Robert Boxberger and will be presented at a client meeting where Craig Boudy will be present. My manager gave me complete freedom to design the product and its features.

sherri morris testimonials

Sherri Morris, Data Modeling Senior Manager, USA

Experian is known for attracting the brightest and best talent. Many of the people I work with are well-known and admired throughout the industry.

Experian is a place where it feels like everyone everywhere in the organization is not only interested in the company succeeding but also has a sincere interest in the individual succeeding. There are so many opportunities made available for you to stretch yourself. You have to be open to seizing those opportunities and the abundance of support!