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Serasa Experian Culture

We have a clear vision of the role Experian plays in people’s lives, today and in the future. We demonstrate strong leadership, hire the best talent and drive success and high performance through delighting our customers, the relentless pursuit of operational excellence, brilliant collaboration and communication built upon a foundation of mutual trust.

Ultimately, we’ve committed to making Experian one of the best places to work. A place where everyone can feel a real sense of belonging enabling them to perform at their best.


Our People

We are more than 17,000 people all over the world driven to create a better tomorrow through innovative products and technology. Here, you create solutions, support companies and consumers to make smart decisions, and impact lives. With the power of data, you create a world of opportunities and turn dreams into reality!

Experian is a global leader in information services and considered by Forbes as one of the most innovative companies in the world!

An Employer of Choice

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How do YOU want to create a BETTER TOMORROW?

What our employees feel matters!



For us, diversity is far beyond ethnicity, the presence or absence of a disability, gender, visible aspects or characteristics. It covers all the complexity and different dimensions of a human being: thoughts, culture, experiences, professional skills, religion, sexual orientation, among others.


It’s associated with the feeling of belonging, where everyone feel comfortable to be or express who they are, without suffering any kind of judgment or discrimination. It results in improving the environment in which we operate, generates pride of belonging, increases productivity and innovation.


We offer competitive benefits that stand out in market! You have the flexibility to adapt them to your moment, lifestyle and they're facilitated by the best providers. Includes Meal Tickets, Life Insurance, Health Care, Transportaion, GymPass, Pension Plan, among others related to wellbeing.


We want people like you that: are visionary, “client freak” and deliver big goals; are a team player, supportive and value diversity; are bold, innovative and challenge the status quo; and consistently handle data responsibly and effectively.

Building an Environment of Respect


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Meet Real Serasa Experian Team Members


Lucia Francisco

“I started working at Experian in 2016 as an intern on the analytical decision team and I was hired in less than one year. Serasa is a company that values ​​the quality of life, acts against corruption and invests in its employees. Every day I identify more with the company, I'm very proud to be part of this team.”


Gustavo Honorio 

"Being on the Serasa Experian team brings me immense gratitude! Here we are challenged every day to be better, overcome obstacles, pursue dreams and have the courage to face any challenge! In addition to believing in the culture and values of the company, I have great admiration and pride in the people who work with me, and this motivates me daily to become a professional and a better person."

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