Case Study: Leverage Fresh Data for More Personalized Credit Offers

January 30, 2023 by Theresa Nguyen

Putting customers at the center of your credit marketing strategy is key to achieving higher response rates and building long-term relationships. To do this, financial institutions need fresh and accurate consumer data to inform their decisions.

Atlas Credit was looking to achieve higher response rates on its credit marketing campaigns by engaging consumers with timely and personalized offers. The company implemented Experian’s Ascend Marketing, a customer marketing and acquisition engine that provides marketers with accurate and comprehensive consumer credit data to build and deploy intelligent marketing campaigns.

With deeper insights into their consumers, Atlas Credit created timely and customized credit offers, resulting in a 185% increase in loan originations within the first year of implementation. Additionally, the company was able to effectively manage and monitor its targeting strategies in one place, leading to improved operational efficiency and lower acquisition costs.

To learn more about creating better-targeted marketing campaigns and enhancing your strategies, read the full case study.

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