One Small Step for Experian, A Giant Leap Forward for the Credit Industry

December 19, 2018 by Ann Chen

Experian Boost credit scores

What if you had an opportunity to boost your credit score with a snap of your fingers? With the announcement of Experian BoostTM, this will soon be the new reality. As part of an increasingly customizable and instant consumer reality in the marketplace, Experian is innovating in the space of credit to allow consumers to contribute information to their credit profiles via access to their online bank accounts. For decades, Experian has been a leader in educating consumers on credit: what goes into a credit score, how to raise it and how to maintain it. Now, as part of our mission to be the consumer’s bureau, Experian is ushering in a new age of consumer empowerment with Boost.

Through an already established and full-fledged suite of consumer products, Experian Boost is the next generation offering a free online platform that places the control in the consumers’ hands to influence their credit scores. The platform will feature a sign-in verification, during which consumers grant read-only permission for Experian Boost to connect to their online bank accounts to identify utility and telecommunications payments. After they verify their data and confirm that they want the account information added to their credit file, consumers will receive an instant updated FICO® Score.

The history behind credit information spans several centuries from a group of London tailors swapping information on customers to keeping credit files on index cards being read out to subscribers over the telephone. Even with the evolution of the credit industry being very much in the digital age today, Experian Boost is a significant step forward for a credit bureau. This new capability educates the consumer on what types of payment behavior impacts their credit score while also empowering them to add information to change it.

This is a big win-win for consumers and lenders alike. As Experian is taking the next big step as a traditional credit bureau, adding these data sources is a new and innovative way to help consumers gain access to the quality credit they deserve as well as promoting fair and responsible lending to the industry.

Early analysis of Experian’s Boost impact on the U.S. consumer credit scores showed promising results. Here’s a snapshot of some of those findings:

These statistics provide an encouraging vision into the future for all consumers, especially for those who have a limited credit history.

The benefit to lenders in adding these new data points will be a more complete view on the consumer to make more informed lending decisions. Only positive payment histories will be collected through the platform and consumers can elect to remove the new data at any time.

Experian Boost will be available to all credit active adults in early 2019, but consumers can visit www.experian.com/boost now to register for early access. By signing up for a free Experian membership, consumers will receive a free credit report immediately, and will be one of the first to experience the new platform.

Experian Boost will apply to most leading consumer credit scores used by lenders. To learn more about the platform visit www.experian.com/boost.