Data-Driven Audience Segmentation Empowers More Effective Omnichannel Marketing

January 11, 2022 by Kelly Lawson

Consumer Journey Experian Marketing Engine

Creating a consumer experience where a customer receives a series of relevant and timely content is the goal of omnichannel marketing. OEM marketers work hard to develop effective marketing strategies that create fully integrated shopping experiences for customers.

Build loyal relationships with omnichannel marketing 

Well designed, omnichannel marketing strategies foster a sense of relationship between the vehicle/brand and the consumer that can increase brand and dealership loyalty. Today’s OEM marketers understand their customers are “everywhere.” Channels have exploded, especially in the past several years so marketers need to know how to best reach consumers. With multiple apps, websites, social media, email, streaming content, videos and brick-and-mortar dealerships the challenge for marketers is how to pull it all together. Recent research shows that 60% of millennials expect brands to provide consistent experiences across multiple channels and that Gen Z and Millennials are most likely to be “bought” by an effective omnichannel strategy.1

According to Forbes, “companies with the best omnichannel customer engagement strategies turn 89% of buyers into loyal customers. And according to Omnichannel Retail Statistics, companies with weak omnichannel strategies retain only 33% of their customers.”1 It is clear, that implementing an effective omnichannel strategy can result in more sales and increased loyalty.

Use data insights to identify and segment audiences

When approaching omnichannel marketing, we recommend OEM marketers conduct a detailed analysis, backed by automotive research and data. This analysis will help to accurately identify and segment audiences to deliver targeted, tailored content along the journey. Experian leverages our consumer, lender, and vehicle data along with market insights to facilitate powerful segmentation. As a result, OEM marketers can reach audiences in an effective manner allowing for a more personalized experience.

For a deeper dive into segmentation, marketers can gain insights and understanding of key attributes using Experian’s CustomerView data. This data includes demographics, buyer personas, wants and needs, buying patterns, customer behavior, preferences, attitudes, and commonalities. These automotive data insights cover over 310 million U.S. consumers, 126 million households containing 1,500+ individual and household level attributes and 2500+ geographic attributes.

This type of segmentation will help you create the right content for the right target group to be delivered at the right time in the right channel. If your message is irrelevant to the customer, or on the wrong channel, you just might lose engagement. Enlist the power of the Experian Marketing Engine™ to facilitate market insights, audience targeting, audience activation and measurement to monitor ongoing success.

Learn how the Experian Marketing Engine can help you create audience segments that empower more effective omnichannel marketing today.

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