With over 30 years of experience and having held diverse roles in risk management, operations, compliance and information technology, Erik brings a wealth of knowledge of the consumer finance industry to our clients. Erik is an industry expert on the credit card industry with deep domain knowledge in PLCC and general purpose cards. He has proven success in optimizing processes, driving growth and maximizing profitability. Erik is also known as a leader in innovation having developed and brought to market payroll deduction and big ticket programs to the sub-prime arena. Prior to joining Experian, Erik was Vice President Credit Portfolio Management for Bluestem Brands, a top 50 e-retailer specializing in the deep subprime. Before that, he held various positions at GE Capital consumer finance divisions in both domestic and international capacities. Erik is also a Six Sigma Blackbelt, whose process management expertise was leveraged to successfully orchestrate several major card platform conversions.

-- Erik Svensen

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