Bill Sallurday is a Sales Executive for Experian’s Fraud & Identity Solutions business. He has over 30 years of experience helping clients across numerous verticals to deploy innovative solutions to grow and protect their businesses. He came to Experian in October 2013 by way of the acquisition of a leading fraud detection company, The 41st Parameter. Most recently, Bill helps his clients to develop creative and covert strategies to detect fraud while limiting the impact on the client experience. It’s no wonder that, as the son of a police officer, he’s passionate about stopping fraud and thwarting crime.

-- Bill Sallurday

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Newest technology doesn’t mean best when it comes to stopping fraud I recently attended the Merchant Risk Conference in Las Vegas, which brings together...

Published: March 29, 2017 by Bill Sallurday

Loyalty fraud and the customer experience Criminals continue to amaze me. Not surprise me, but amaze me with their ingenuity. I previously wrote about...

Published: February 22, 2016 by Bill Sallurday

Looking at true fraud rate I’ve talked with many companies over the years about their fraud problems. Most have a genuine desire to operate...

Published: January 11, 2016 by Bill Sallurday

Electronic signatures and their emerging presence in our Internet-connected world I had the opportunity to represent Experian at the eSignRecords 2015 conference in New...

Published: December 7, 2015 by Bill Sallurday

While walking through a toy store in search of the perfect gift for a nephew, I noticed the board game Risk, which touts itself...

Published: November 6, 2015 by Bill Sallurday

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