Experian Health named 2017 MongoDB Innovation Award winner in healthcare category

Published: July 12, 2017 by Experian Health

MongoDB picThe MongoDB Innovation Awards celebrate organizations building the world’s most innovative applications, recognizing those with a transformative impact on their respective sectors.

Recently, Experian Health was recognized for our innovation in healthcare. Our Universal Identity Manager (UIM), which integrates with MongoDB to accurately sequence patient data, can accurately match, manage and protect patient identity. Drawing on more than 40 years of experience managing identities across various industries, Experian Health’s interoperable patient identification solution leverages consumer credit data to improve record quality.

Our UIM creates a unique, universal patient identifier to identify patients and link their records to allow entities (pharmacy, lab, payer, and provider) with disparate databases, systems, and data formats to share a single view of the same patient. Accurate and complete information is securely exchanged, minimizing medical and billing errors, and fraud.

“We leverage MongoDB to deliver UIM information in real-time – and that makes performance critical,” said Michael Ochs, chief technology officer of Experian Health. “If patient data is delivered out of sequence, it can create multiple issues in the delivery and accuracy of patient information. This technology makes the interoperability and exchange of information across the healthcare ecosystem is an achievable goal. With UIM, it is possible to successfully address problems caused by data integration challenges and fluid patient data.”

Our consumer demographic information combined with reference data and referential matching methodologies allow the UIM to achieve higher matching rates and mitigate matching challenges associated with data quality.

“We encourage health organizations to adopt universal patient identifiers because there is a well-documented need for it – the absence of which poses both business and safety issues,” said Jennifer Schulz, group president of Experian Health. “Our UIM batch product is being offered to organizations at no charge* to provide a universal patient identifier that will help address the complexities of managing patient identification by identifying consumers in the healthcare ecosystem more accurately.”

Michael accepted the award on behalf of Experian Health at the annual MongoDB World event in Chicago on June 21, where he joined 13 other innovative companies being awarded in different categories.

This award for Experian Health comes shortly after being recognized in the healthcare industry by Healthcare Informatics as no. 45 on the list of “Top 100 Companies by Revenue.”

*Offer is limited to Experian Health’s UIM Batch Process product and shall remain open for such time as Experian Health may decide.

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