#JoinTheConversation with Phillip Scott of NCPDP

Published: April 28, 2017 by Experian Health

Phillip-Scott-JTC-Post-768x768Phillip Scott of NCPDP attended HIMSS17 and took some time to chat with IntrepidNOW about NCPDP’s strategic alliance with Experian Health and the benefits of a universal patient identifier. Below is an excerpt from that interview.

“Well, I have to say with NCPDP’s reputation of neutrality is it’s been a key to our business, our business model. We bring all parties to the table. It’s big in collaboration and all of our standards and best practices come from a consensus building environment. Well, having said that, we have been looking for some time at a relationship that could create a unique patient identifier, at least our version of what that would be.

We vetted a number of different companies and actually started working on this in 2013. The good fortune brought us in touch with Experian [Health], and we come together nicely, culturally. We both spent a tremendous amount of effort working for the common good, and the solution that Experian [Health] brought to our vision for what a unique identifier was made for a great opportunity there, and we’ve been very excited about that offering.

That UPI, that universal patient identity, would go to that number and when they marry my prescription or my pharmacy benefits to my medical benefits. Then it can move over and move out of pharmacy and over into the health systems. So not only is it great service, it’s just fun to think about it. So our effort gives you 2 versions of a flavor, we as an American consumers are all about instant gratification, right? So this gives you instant gratification because Experian [Health]’s identifying the numbers and identifying those patients uniquely, and sending it back to you, that is an instant gratification.”

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