#JoinTheConversation with Experian Health’s Nicole Rogas at #HIMSS17

Published: April 26, 2017 by Experian Health

Nicole-Rogas-w-logos-768x768During HIMSS17, Experian Health’s Nicole Rogas, Senior Vice President of Sales, sat down with IntrepidNOW to discuss the healthcare industry, challenges providers are facing and women in health IT. Excerpt below.

“…it’s an industry that changes consistently, and Experian Health has the data and the history to be able to arm both our clients, which our providers, and the consumer, which is the patient, with information to help them make better healthcare decisions.

We are hearing more about it in IT and as well as other areas of healthcare really nationally. Women do play a very important role in the future of healthcare, and I think the focus on it now brings to light some of the sort of special issues and challenges we face as women that are very different than what man may face as they grow their career.

…a lot of the challenges for our providers is to understand how to function as a business, and I know that that might sound crazy, but healthcare is always been a service, and most of our economies today, most of our people today believe that it’s really their right to (have) healthcare, and I think what’s happening is our healthcare providers are having to function more like a business organization to ensure that they are providing care at really great quality care, but in an efficient way. They are able to build and get reimbursed for that care, and then that they are able to arm their patients with the right information pre and post care to help keep them engaged in both their financial and their clinical journey. So I just think it’s a big time in our industry.”

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