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Published: April 24, 2017 by Experian Health

Jason-Kressel-JTC-post-768x768Last week, Experian Health announced the launch of Patient Schedule, an innovative new solution that allows for real-time integration across organizations to streamline active patient self-service appointment scheduling, powered by MyHealthDirect. During HIMSS17, Jason Kressel, SVP Product and Account Management of MyHealthDirect, sat down with IntrepidNOW for a discussion about online patient scheduling. Excerpt below:

“I think healthcare organizations are recognizing that in order to be competitive that they have to offer services that patients are demanding. And so while offering online scheduling for patients is a different way for patients to access healthcare providers requiring a little bit of a change to the provider workflow, ultimately they’re seeing the value of doing that because patients are more adherent to the services that they are supposed to be obtaining, and they’re happier when they come into the physician’s office. So there’s definitely work that’s done with the healthcare organizations to explain the changes in workflow, and what it means to make online scheduling accessible for their communities. But at the end of the day I think they all recognize the value of offering those types of services and are slowly shifting to full adoption.

…So one of the things that we will be working on is, from that Experian patient portal once they have a patient engaged through that channel, allowing the patient to search for a provider and book an appointment directly from the Experian patient portal. Another example, Experian Health does a lot of work around order management, if a hospital creates an order for a service that should take place in an ambulatory setting, right now they can manage the order but they can’t schedule the appointment for that, so we’ll also be incorporating the ability to schedule directly from the Experian Health platform.”

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Read our press release, “Experian Health and MyHealthDirect team up to improve practice workflow with cloud-based patient scheduling across healthcare networks”

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