AI and machine learning essentials for healthcare organizations

Published: February 28, 2023 by Experian Health

Healthcare is undergoing a digital revolution driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology. While some organizations have been slow to adapt, others incorporated new solutions that have helped their organization identify patterns, reduce claim denials, and more.

This infographic breaks down common phrases related to artificial intelligence and machine learning so that healthcare organizations can understand what they mean and how they’re utilized.

Introducing: AI Advantage

Experian Health is the top-performing claims management vendor, according to the 2023 Best in KLAS: Software and Professional Services report. Experian Health’s ClaimSource® solution, an automated, scalable claims management system designed to prevent claim denials, ranked number one in the Claims Management and Clearinghouse category.

With denials and staffing shortages on the rise, an efficient claims management strategy is essential. Experian Health is here to help with AI Advantage™ – a new solution that utilizes true artificial intelligence that proactively helps reduce denials and, when necessary, identifies the best denials to resubmit.

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