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Patient Estimates

Know How Much Your Patients Owe at the Time of Service

Experian Health Patient Estimates is the quickest and most accurate method of providing patient-friendly cost estimates. The solution calculates estimates based on price information in the facility’s chargemaster, payer contracted rates and patient eligibility and benefits information. Organizations can comfortably ask for payment up front because they can be confident in the accuracy of the estimate.

This pricing transparency tool eliminates the need for manually updating price lists, and removes the guesswork and tedious manual processes, which often result in outdated, inaccurate estimates.

Be confident you provide your patients with accurate information because insurance benefits are populated automatically, self-pay and prompt-pay discounts are applied and quotes are stored and easily retrievable.

Your staff will be comfortable with the process because customized scripts for consistent messaging are used and a charity qualification calculator is included. And your patients will be satisfied because they will be fully educated and not be surprised when they are asked to pay.

Control your process because you can develop and adhere to consistent pricing policies, track potential vs. actual collections and ultimately increase up-front patient collections.

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