Requesting a security freeze for a minor child’s credit report


Dear Experian,

I’m concerned that someone may use my minor child’s identification information fraudulently and I want to take precautions. How can I request a security freeze on a minor’s credit file?



Dear SRD,

You can request a copy of your child’s credit report by following the instructions at in Experian’s online fraud center. Simply click on the link to “Minor Child Instructions,” complete the form and mail it along with the specified documentation to the address provided.

If there is no credit report for your child, Experian will provide a notice to the effect. If there is a credit file, we will provide a copy of the report to you. Instructions to contact Experian for assistance are included with the report. A representative will be able to help you add fraud alert or freeze the child’s credit file.

Ideally, there will be no file on record, meaning your child has not been victimized and if your child’s identity were used to apply for credit the lender would be notified there is no credit history. If the birthdate or a false Social Security number is used by the identity thief, the lender would also be notified that the requested report belongs to a minor or that the Social Security number may belong to a minor, preventing the fraud from occurring.

Some states now require that a credit report be created if none exists in order to add a credit freeze. For those states Experian will create the report and add the freeze at the parent’s request upon receiving the required documentation.

Thanks for asking.

The “Ask Experian” team

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