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Resources, Tools and Tips from Experian Small Business

Experian publishes articles on industry-relevant topics and issues. Click below to view/download any of the applicable research.

November 2011: Email Like a Pro – How to Build Email Campagns That Deliver Results

To help you build campaigns that generate the greatest returns, we've compiled some tips, trends and best practices into an e-book. Before long you'll be emailing like a pro – and building a loyal customer base that will want to buy from you time and again.

October 2011: Ten Tips to Maximize Small Business Saturday

 Small Business Saturday® is coming Nov. 26.

Are you prepared to make the most of this incredible marketing opportunity? Boost your exposure, and your holiday sales, with our 10 Tips to maximize Small Business Saturday.

April 2011: The Loyalist: Leverage Relationships with Existing Customers to Increase Return on Investment

It will always be important to acquire new customers, build brand awareness and maximize long-term sales, small businesses today also needs to leverage relationships with existing customers and focus on marketing efforts that encourage customer loyalty. This whitepaper provides insight and best practices for small businesses looking to enhance customer loyalty. 

January 2011: Evolution of Moms – Benchmark Data and Analysis to Help Marketers Connect with the Critical Mom Consumer Segment

whitepaper imageExperian Marketing Services has identified three key trends that have developed in the past five years relating to moms in the United States. Download our recent report providing benchmark data and analysis to help marketers connect with the critical mom consumer segment.

January 2011: Case Study

Timely new customer acquisition is important for many businesses. For — an e-tailer that sells baby care products — it’s critical to reach new customers before they develop loyalties to other retailers. Experian's New Parent DatabaseSM enabled to do just that and grow its customer base of new parents.

December 2010: Marketing Success in an Economic Slowdown

Twelve steps to move marketing from being seen as a cost center to being truly valued as a revenue generator.