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Mortgage Broker Leads

Whether you are improving existing marketing lists or buying mortgage leads online, you can save time and money by targeting only the prospects who meet your lending criteria. With insight into lead demographics and credit risk thresholds, you can accurately assess new leads, eliminate unqualified prospects and avoid high-risk accounts. By screening your lists with best-in-class data, predictive analytics and more complete financial profiles you can maximize your return on investment and effectively accelerate sales.  

  1. Start with credit-based data
    Avoid last-minute surprises by building your lists with accurate consumer credit information
  2. Build quality prospecting lists
    Match consumers to the right loan program based on your lending criteria
  3. Avoid additional business costs
    Better leads improve conversion rates and maximize the ROI on your broker marketing expenditures
Sample prequalification criteria:
  • Refinance eligibility (based on credit criteria and scores)
  • Loan type (e.g., FHA, HARP 2.0, etc.)
  • Income range
  • ZIP CodeTM
  • Telemarketing eligibility
Lead characteristics to consider:
  • Propensity to buy - Identify predictive purchase behavior with in-the-market models
  • Credit qualification - Target consumers prequalified within a certain credit score range
  • Ability to repay - See current debt-to-income information for a more complete financial picture

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