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In today’s world, businesses are more connected and interdependent than ever. Suppliers, customers, partners, investors and others can all impact the financial health of your business. Any one of these can also put your business at risk. Help mitigate that financial risk by carefully screening the credit profile of companies you are considering — or already are — doing business with.

Public records are an important source of business credit information. Records on liens, judgments, bankruptcies, UCC filings and other items may identify potential problems and credit risk. Experian business credit reports allow you to access these types of public records as well as other key business information:

Other Types of Information Included

  • Fictitious business names (DBA)
  • Collection items
  • Business credit score
  • Payment history
  • Business ownership
  • Key facts (revenue, number of employees, etc.)

Why Check Business Public Records?

There are numerous circumstances under which you’d want to consider running a business credit check, including public records. Some of these situations include:

  • You’re planning to lend money or extend credit to another business
  • A customer begins to fall behind on payments
  • You need to determine business or asset ownership
  • Considering buying or investing in another business
  • You’d like to collateralize a transaction
  • You need to conduct a background on key suppliers

In addition to checking on other businesses, you can monitor the information in your own business credit file to ensure data is accurate and up to date. Your business credit profile can affect everything from your insurance premiums to the interest rates you’ll pay, so it’s important to stay informed on the state of your business credit file.