Identity Monitoring and Alert Solutions

Increase engagement with comprehensive personal information monitoring that alerts consumers of potential threats.




Alert consumers before it’s too late

Increase consumer engagement with continuous personal data monitoring and alerts. Empower your consumers to spot potential fraud, assess risks, and respond before they become a victim of identity theft.


Drive engagement with compelling solutions


better email open rates for our identity monitoring alerts than all-industry average¹

$10 billion

lost to fraud in the U.S. in 2023²

an increase of over $1 billion over 2022

Continuous monitoring and alerts

Provide a line of defense for consumers to prevent identity theft with comprehensive personal information monitoring.

Comprehensive identity monitoring

Expansive features help alert consumers of dark web exposure, suspicious activity, or identity theft.

Increase consumer engagement

Personalized alerts drive consumers to your portal to review their risk level and respond in real time, giving you opportunities through additional touchpoints.

Drive brand trust

Create lasting relationships by providing peace of mind with continuous monitoring.

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Available products

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CyberAgent® Dark Web Monitoring

Become a trusted partner by alerting consumer's of any exposure of personal information on the dark web.

Social Security Number Monitoring

Continuous monitoring alerts a consumer if a new name, alias, or address is registerd with their SSN.

Child Monitoring³

Protect your consumers futures and give their parents peace-of-mind with monitoring of a minor's information.

Financial Account Takeover Monitoring

Help save consumers from a bank account takeover by alerting them of suspicious activity.

Alternative Loan Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of non-credit, high-interest loans to protect the financial wellness of your consumers.

Court Records Monitoring

Notify consumers if their personal information is being used fraudulently in the court system.

Change of Address Monitoring

Alert consumers when a change of address associated with their information is registered with USPS.

Sex Offender Monitoring

Give families peace-of-mind with up-to-date information about registered sex offenders in their area.

Social Media Monitoring

Engaging alerts notify consumers when something they post could potentially compromise their identity or reputation.

Financial Transaction Monitoring

Make it easy to manage and protect financial assets with a consolidated view of bank accounts and suspicious activity alerts.

Flexible delivery options

Bring your ideal consumer experience to market.


Harness Experian APIs to deliver our products in your existing UI experience.

White Label

Realize faster time to value with customizable consumer portals.


Utilize a tailored, fully-hosted solution while leveraging Experian's brand equity.

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¹Experian data, October 2023
²Consumer Sentinel Network Databook 2023, November 2023
³Child monitoring includes up to 10 children under the age of 18. One-time Parent/Legal Guardian verification may be required.