Experian Partner Solutions creates a world of better outcomes.

Experian Partner Solutions helps you illuminate every facet of value to create compelling offerings that serve your consumers' needs and business priorities —providing clarity and confidence.

No matter where your customers are on their lifetime journey, our personalized tools provide what you need to illuminate their path to success, by providing complete control of their finances and protecting their identity every step of the way.

Whether you are trying to acquire, engage or retain customers, you can count on EPS to deliver the partnership, expertise, and tools you require to help you see the path to better outcomes, drive new opportunities, and unlock and multiply ongoing value. 



Unlocking opportunities for a world of better outcomes

Learn how we can help you create compelling offerings to serve your customers and business priorities.


Illumination. Integration. Information.

The key to the Experian Partner Solutions difference is our core consultative partnership approach, powerful platform, and mastery of data. We help you see the path to better outcomes with expert support at every step of your journey to meet your customer needs, from product development, marketing, and analytics to call center and app support.



Shine a light on the path to your goals with expert advisors. We work with you side-by-side, developing solutions that help you reach your objective - whatever they may be. These include growing revenue, increasing customer satisfaction, providing better risk response, and so much more.



Our comprehensive platform drives exciting new opportunities. With a customizable array of financial, identity and breach solutions, EPS provides a platform that extends beyond software. Our people, our data and a vast range of technical capabilities help our partners to make the most of every opportunity and counter every threat.


Power with Data

Data alone isn't enough. We unlock hidden value, actionable insights and innovation through our data sources, custom data applications, and analytics services. Continue to multiply ongoing value through new opportunities driving better outcomes for your business and your brand.

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