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The average organization takes anywhere from 9 to 200+ days to detect a breach and over a month to contain one.¹

If your business is breached, consumers want to know about it quickly - within 24 hours.²

90% of consumers are more forgiving of companies that had a response plan in place prior to the breach³

Recover Strong

  • Notify your customers that a data breach has occurred
  • Support from trained Experian agents ready to answer customer questions 
  • Protect and remediate identiity theft 
  • Guaranteed service availability with SLA
  • Annual readiness: planning and exercising 
  • Customization in response
  • Scale, speed and quality
  • Preemptively notifying consumers of potential danger
  • Access to Experian's notification system
  • Access to crisis specialists
  • Experienced call center


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²,³Experian. 2019. Data Breach Consumer Survey Report