The Perfect Fit: Three Marketing Concepts Every Auto Manufacturer Needs to Focus on

Published: August 7, 2019 by James Maguire

There are thousands of potential car buyers heading into dealerships and browsing websites for their next vehicle every day. And that means thousands of opportunities for automotive manufacturers to market their vehicles to prospective buyers. But not every vehicle is going to meet the needs and wants of every car buyer. So, how do automotive brand marketers reach the individuals most likely to be interested in their products?

Simply put, it comes down to better understanding the brand’s audience. But, today’s digitally-driven world creates a significant challenge for brand marketers – the overreliance on mobile devices and digital channels creates hundreds of digital touchpoints for brand marketers to consider. But, the data also creates an opportunity. If automotive marketers can bridge the gap between online and offline touchpoints, they’ll be better positioned to develop messages that resonate with their desired audience and deliver communications through the most effective channels. The end result? More meaningful interaction with potential car buyers.

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To get there, automotive marketers need to consider these concepts:

Navigate the identity resolution process
The secret to a more relevant conversation begins and ends with knowing who you are addressing. People interact with brands through a variety of channels. For example, a person may see an advertisement for a new vehicle on their smartphone, later research the same vehicle at home on their desktop or on a mobile app and test drive the vehicle a few days later. The automotive marketer that can reconcile these three different interactions will be able to deliver relevant advertisements to the individual and cut down on wasted advertising spend. Knowledge-based identity resolution is what allows you to be smarter with your marketing.

Present the right offer
People are bombarded with hundreds, if not thousands, of advertisements daily. Automotive marketers need to cut through the noise and deliver messages that resonate with the target audience – whether it’s through e-newsletters, 30-second TV spots, banner ads or direct mail pieces. If automotive manufacturers miss the mark, it could lead to a frustrated consumer and poor brand reputation. For instance, an automotive marketer would not want to advertise the latest minivan to a couple who are empty nesters.

Create customer loyalty
It’s important to stay on top of current market statistics and data to fine-tune marketing campaigns. Vehicle ownership and purchase patterns can vary greatly in each market, and that means brands might need to fine-tune long-term loyalty strategies. A loyalty program that works in the Northeast might not work well for the Midwest market based on car buying patterns and the reasons behind owning a car. Data can help prioritize resources in areas with the highest potential for sales growth.

Experian Marketing EngineTM helps automotive manufacturers engage customers across every channel while making the most of a marketing budget. It’s designed to seamlessly collect, consolidate and use customer data by connecting offline and online identifiers to create a single customer view. Experian’s North American Vehicle Database alone has over 11 billion records and over 900 million vehicles, of which over 68 million are Canadian vehicles. Marketing Engine leverages automotive specific insights, including vehicle purchase behaviors and ownership data, and combines that with other marketing data such as demographics and lifestyle interests. These automotive tools provide a more unified approach so that brands can make more informed decisions, gain and retain new customers, and drive sales. Learn more at https://www.experian.com/automotive/marketing.

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