Improve collections accounts through handling and processing

Published: May 22, 2009 by Jeff Bernstein

In addition to behavioral models, collections and account management groups need the ability to implement collections workflow strategies in order to effectively handle and process accounts, particularly when the optimization of resources is a priority. While the behavioral models will effectively evaluate and measure the likelihood that an account will become delinquent or result in a loss, strategies are the specific actions taken, based on the score prediction, as well as other key information that is available when those actions are appropriate.

Identifying high-risk accounts, for example, may result in strategies designed to accelerate collections management activity and execute more aggressive actions. On the other hand, identifying low-risk accounts can help determine when to take advantage of cost-saving actions and focus on customer retention programs. Effective strategies also address how to handle accounts that fall between the high- and low-risk extremes, as well as accounts that fall into special categories such as first payment defaults, recently delinquent accounts and unique customer or product segments.

To accommodate lenders with systems that cannot support either behavioral scorecards or strategies, Experian developed the powerful service bureau solution, Portfolio Management Package, which is also referred to as PMP. To use this service, lenders send Experian customer master file data on a daily basis. Experian processes the data through the Portfolio Management Package system which includes calculating Fast Start behavior scores and identifying special handling accounts and electronically delivers the recommended strategies and actions codes within hours. Scoring and strategy parameters can be easily changed, as well as portfolio segmentation, special handling options and scorecard selections.

PMP also supports Champion Challenger testing to enable users to learn which strategies are most effective. Comprehensive reports suites provide the critical information needed for lenders to design strategies and evaluate and compare the performance of those strategies.