Watch a video: How to protect your constituent’s identity

Published: December 18, 2012 by Guest Contributor

By: Maria Moynihan

Cyber Monday recently passed and I’m curious to know if you were one of the many who contributed to the $1.465 billion spend online that day?  ‘Tis the season – not only for increased online shopping, but for increased ID theft or risk of fraudulent activity. With a quick online search, you can find some good tips on how to protect your information.  Here’s a great read on password protection. Other sources offer added tips, like the below, when submitting information online:

1)  Ensure sensitive information is secure before submitting

2) Only access websites you know you can trust

3)  Be sure you are comfortable with the information your mobile device is asking you to provide in specific apps

Beyond the holidays and even beyond the type of organization you are interacting with, these online tips apply. Government agencies for instance, encourage similar cautionary behavior when interacting with them. In fact, several have even implemented tools and processes to ensure the proper level of information security, authentication, and checking occur.

Take the Social Security Administration for example. Here is an agency that implemented a secure process for individuals to access their benefits online. By incorporating a step to quickly and efficiently cross check an individual’s identity, the agency was able to validate information, ensuring people seeking access to their information are truly who they say they are. Watch a video to see how the Social Security Administration offers secure real-time access to individuals’ benefits.

And, most importantly, keep these important information safety tips in mind every day and enjoy a stress-free and peaceful holiday!