“Are You Ready For It?” (Some Football Advertising Success That Is!)

February 6, 2024 by Kirsten Von Busch

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Are you ready to talk football? And read some Taylor Swift puns? And hear about a big automotive ad measurement success story? ‘Don’t Blame Me’, I warned you….

As we are all aware, Travis Kelce will be playing for the Chiefs on Superbowl Sunday. Whether you are cheering for the Chiefs, the 49er’s, or you’re just there to watch the commercials and half-time show, ‘You Need to Calm Down’ and just expect to hear a couple references during the game about Taylor and Travis’ ‘Love Story’.

Ad Measurement at the Top of Its Game

Before the final match-up of this season though, let’s go ‘Back to December’ and talk about a “Red” hot advertising success story from Thursday Night Football.

An automotive advertiser wanted to better understand the impact of advertising frequency on vehicle purchase activity. To do this, the advertiser initiated an Amazon Prime streaming advertising campaign to reach Thursday Night Football (TNF) audience viewers. They reached these viewers by leveraging in-game media to raise awareness with new and TNF-engaged audience viewers. In addition, the advertiser used remarketing techniques and other Amazon ads to re-engage the previously exposed TNF viewers.

Campaign Results—More Than Just Karma!

After the campaign was over, the automotive advertiser wanted to learn whether the results were more than just ‘Karma’. They used Experian’s Vehicle Purchase Insights data within Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) to fill in the ‘Blank Space’ and attribute vehicle sales to the exposed TNF audience.

  • Customers exposed 2-3 times to their ads were 1.3X more likely to purchase a vehicle than viewers who were exposed to the advertising only once
  • Customers exposed to their ads 4 times were 1.6X more likely to purchase a vehicle than viewers who were exposed to the advertising only once

The advertiser understood ‘All Too Well’ the results, the campaign was a success!

Even if you’re over all the pop culture references and the Swift romance, ‘Shake it Off’, there’s no reason for any ‘Bad Blood.” The ‘Fearless’ leader of the scoreboard will have their ‘Wildest Dreams’ come true and be named the Super Bowl LVIII champion.

To read more about this case study, (without the Taylor Swift song title puns), click here.

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