Experian’s Sure Profile™ Wins Juniper Research’s 2021 Fraud and Security Innovation Award

Published: November 8, 2021 by Alison Hillendahl

Experian’s Sure Profile was selected as a Platinum winner in the “Fraud and Security Innovation” category in the sixth annual Fintech & Payments awards from Juniper Research, a firm dedicated to delivering thought leadership and analysis in the Fintech and Payment industries.

An innovative service in the fight against synthetic identity fraud, Sure Profile is a comprehensive credit profile that provides a composite history of a consumer’s identification, public record, and credit information in order to detect synthetic identities. It utilizes premium data to help businesses identify potential synthetic fraud threats across credit inquiries, thus allowing lenders to transact more confidently with the vast majority of legitimate consumers.

“Experian has always been a leader in delivering innovative services that both combat fraud and provide identity verification and trust to lending environments. Sure Profile delivers an industry-first fraud offering—integrated directly into the credit profile—that mitigates lender losses while protecting millions of legitimate consumers’ identities,” said Keir Breitenfeld, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Marketing, Experian Decision Analytics. “In times of rapid changes to customer interactions, growth strategies, and risk management practices, it’s particularly important to focus on building tools that can help businesses make better decisions and I’m proud that Experian has again provided an instrument to enable those decisions.”

To learn more about Sure Profile and how Experian is working to solve this multibillion-dollar problem, visit us or request a call.

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