Driving Automotive Sales with Precision: Strategus and Experian Automotive Case Study

Published: June 4, 2024 by Kirsten Von Busch

In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive marketing, insight and measurement are paramount. Recognizing this, Strategus and Experian Automotive have joined forces to help improve digital automotive marketing campaign measurement.

The Challenge

The case study unfolds against a backdrop familiar to many advertisers: a regional advertising agency representing an OEM sought to evaluate the performance of their CTV automotive marketing campaign. Their objectives were clear:

  • Assess digital and TV campaign performance, attributing actual vehicle sales accurately.
  • Pinpoint top-performing audience segments and offers, factoring in demographic and psychographic variations.
  • Adapt marketing strategy based on real-time campaign performance metrics.

The Solution

Strategus took the helm, leveraging Experian’s OmniImpact for Automotive solution to navigate these goals. They crafted a programmatic campaign targeting previous buyers of a specific vehicle model within a targeted geographic region. Through CTV advertising, they heightened awareness among the targeted audience, ensuring maximum engagement.

Joel Cox, co-founder and EVP of Innovation and Strategy at Strategus summarizes the value of this collaboration perfectly:

“Strategus is thrilled to collaborate with Experian to offer this novel auto sales attribution solution. While we know the positive influence CTV advertising can play in driving auto sales, the measurement and attribution of those sales can be a murky and incongruent snapshot heavily reliant on assumption and incomplete first-party datasets. While Experian’s OmniImpact for Automotive campaign measurement solution has been available to the largest auto advertisers, this relationship between Strategus and Experian Automotive democratizes this comprehensive measurement solution to all auto-selling clients of Strategus, regardless of size or sales volume.”

Click here to learn more about the specific results and how Strategus and Experian Automotive work together to optimize campaign focus.


In a digital age where data reigns supreme, collaborations like that between Strategus and Experian Automotive showcase the power of leveraging precise insights to drive campaign results and automotive sales. By combining innovative strategies with advanced analytics, advertisers can not only measure campaign performance accurately but also adapt in real-time to maximize impact. As automotive marketing continues to evolve, relationships such as these that prioritize precision and insight will undoubtedly shape the industry’s future.


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