Turn Car Buyer Insights into Advertising Action with Experian Automotive and The Trade Desk

Published: June 11, 2024 by Kirsten Von Busch

Images of three reports from Experian and The Trade Desk for auto advertisers

Experian’s Automotive Consumer Trends Quarterly Report goes beyond understanding general car-buying trends. Each quarter, we delve deeper into a specific vehicle segment, analyzing the demographics (who’s buying) and psychographics (why they’re buying) of those consumers.

New eBrochures help turn insights into action

Although valuable, what can you do with this information? That’s where The Trade Desk comes in. They leverage the insights from our report to create a comprehensive omnichannel strategy for reaching in-market car buyers.

This strategy goes beyond demographics, revealing:

  • Top web content preferences: Where are these consumers spending their online time?
  • Frequented websites and apps: What digital platforms are most relevant to them?
  • Top CTV and audio examples: Which streaming services and audio channels should be targeted?

A Consolidated Snapshot

The Trade Desk provides a clear picture of channel distribution, ensuring your advertising reaches the right audience across the most effective platforms.

This combined approach empowers you to target car shoppers with laser precision, maximizing your advertising impact.

Experian Automotive and The Trade Desk are committed to developing solutions that balance advertiser needs with consumer privacy. The Trade Desk’s clients can access Experian’s over 2,400 syndicated audiences across eight verticals, including over 750 automotive audiences by make, model, fuel type, price, vehicle age, and more.

Accessing the insights:

To view the latest Experian Automotive Consumer Trends Quarterly Report, visit us at: www.experian.com/automotive/auto-consumer-trends-form.

You can review Experian and The Trade Desk’s collaborative eBrochures for the following vehicle segments:

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