Dispelling Myths about Automated Decisioning

November 18, 2016 by Sacha Ricarte


In order to compete for consumers and to enable lender growth, creating operational efficiencies such as automated decisioning is a must. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, automated decisioning unfairly earned a reputation for being difficult to implement, expensive and time consuming. But don’t let that discourage you from experiencing its benefits.

Let’s take a look at the most popular myths about auto decisioning.

Myth #1: Our system isn’t coded. If your system is already calling out for Experian credit reporting data, a very simple change in the inquiry logic will allow your system to access Decisioning as a ServiceSM.

Myth #2: We don’t have enough IT resources. Decisioning is typically hosted and embedded within an existing software that most credit unions currently use – thus eliminating or minimizing the need for IT.  A good system will allow configuration changes at any time by a business administrator and should not require assistance from a host of IT staff, so the demand on IT resources should decrease.  Decisioning as a Service solutions are designed to be user friendly to shorten the learning curve and implementation time.

Myth #3: It’s too expensive. Sure, there are highly customized products out there that come with hefty price tags, but there are also automated solutions available that suit your budget. Configuring a product to meet your needs and leaving off any extra bells and whistles that aren’t useful to your organization will help you stick to your allotted budget.

Myth #4: Low ROI. Oh contraire…Clients can realize significant return-on-investment with automated decisioning by booking more accounts … 10 percent increase or more in booked accounts is typical. Even more, clients typically realize a 10 percent reduction in bad debt and manual review costs, respectively. Simply estimating the value of each of these things can help populate an ROI for the solution.

Myth #5: The timeline to implement is too long. It’s true, automation can involve a lot of functions and tasks – especially if you take it on yourself. By calling out to a hosted environment, Experian’s Decisioning as a Service can take as few as six weeks to implement since it simply augments a current system and does not replace a large piece of software.

 Myth #6: Manual decisions give a better member experience. Actually, manual decisions are made by people with their own points of view, who have good days and bad days and let recent experiences affect new decisions. Automated decisioning returns a consistent response, every time. Regulators love this!

Myth #7:  We don’t use Experian data. Experian’s Decisioning as a Service is data agnostic and has the ability to call out to many third-party data sources and configure them to be used in decisioning.

These myth busters make a great case for implementing automated decisioning in your loan origination system instead of a reason to avoid it. Learn more about Decisioning as a Service and how it can be leveraged to either augment or overhaul your current decisioning platforms.

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