Kyle Hinsz Principal Scientist Fraud and Identity Solutions Experian Decision Analytics Kyle Hinsz is a Principal Scientist in the Fraud and Identity Solution portion of Experian’s Decision Analytics business unit. He is responsible for designing, building, and deploying analytic models to prevent both third party and first party fraud. Kyle has been with Experian for over two years, working in the areas of identity theft, application fraud, account take-over, first party fraud, and synthetic identities. Prior to Experian, Kyle has over 10 years’ experience in credit, debit, and retail payment card fraud detection modeling as part of the Fair Isaac Corporation Falcon product line. Additionally, he contributed in a variety of fraud prevention areas, such as fraud analytics for merchant internet transactions, ATM withdrawals, account to account transfers, as well as locating card compromises. Kyle holds a M.S. in Statistics from Purdue University.

-- Kyle Hinsz

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Part four in our series on Insights from Vision 2016 fraud and identity track It was a true honor to present alongside Experian fraud...

June 14, 2016 by Kyle Hinsz

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