Ori Eisen emphasizes importance of data and analytics to detect fraud with BloombergTV

Experian hosted the Future of Fraud event this week in New York City where Ori Eisen and Frank Abagnale hosted clients and prospects highlighting the need for innovative fraud solutions to stay ahead the consistent threat of online fraud. After, Ori and Frank appeared on Bloomberg TV, interviewed by Trish Regan discussing how retailers can handle fraud prevention. Ori and Frank highlighted how using data is good, especially when combined with analytics as a requirement for businesses working to try and prevent fraud now and in the future.

"Data is good. The only way that you deal with a lot of this cyber(crime) is through data analytics. You have to know who I am dealing with. I have to know it is you and authenticate that it is you that wants to make this transaction."
Frank Abagnale on BloombergTV

Charles Chung recently detailed how utilizing the data for good can protect the customer experience while providing businesses a panoramic view to ensure data security and compliance to mitigate fraud risk. Ultimately, this view helps businesses build greater consumer confidence and create a more positive customer experience which is the first, and most important, prong in the fraud balance.

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