New findings revealed in white paper on leading indicators in local-area credit statistics

Experian Global Consulting Practice John Straka Recently we released a white paper that emphasizes the need for better, more granular indicators of local home-market conditions and borrower home equity, with a very interesting new finding on leading indicators in local-area credit statistics.  Click here to download the white paper

Home-equity indicators with new credit data methods for improved mortgage risk analytics

Experian white paper, April 2012

In the run-up to the U.S. housing downturn and financial crisis, perhaps the greatest single risk-management shortfall was poorly predicted home prices and borrower home equity. This paper describes new improvements in housing market indicators derived from local-area credit and real-estate information. True housing markets are very local, and until recently, local real-estate data have not been systematically available and interpreted for broad use in modeling and analytics. Local-area credit data, similarly, is relatively new, and its potential for new indicators of housing market conditions is studied here in Experian’s Premier Aggregated Credit Statistics.SM Several examples provide insights into home-equity indicators for improved mortgage models, predictions, strategies, and combined LTV measurement. The paper finds that for existing mortgages evaluated with current combined LTV and borrower credit score, local-area credit statistics are an even stronger add-on default predictor than borrower credit attributes.

Click here to download the white paper


John Straka and Chuck Robida, Experian

Michael Sklarz, Collateral Analytics