Case study – Using Knowledge-based Authentication as a Sales Enabler

April 8, 2011 by Monica Pearson

Last week I attended the Merchant Risk Council’s 2011 MRC Annual e-Commerce Payments & Risk Conference.  I presented a session titled “Efficiency and Empowerment in Risk-based Authentication” with a client who has been able to use knowledge based authentication as a sales enabler – Home Shopping Network.  You might be wondering what I mean by this.  It is actually pretty simple:  Home Shopping Network already has a fraud prevention program in place and utilizes risk based authentication to send a percentage of orders to an outsort queue.  By using knowledge based authentication to further verify the true consumer, Home Shopping Network has been able to release an increased portion of those orders for shipping, increasing both revenue and the customer experience.  The paradigm shift was thinking of knowledge based authentication as a sale enabler, rather than just a fraud tool.  It was a great experience, to help share the story of this client’s success.


If you are interested in the Merchant Risk Council:  The Merchant Risk Council (MRC) is a merchant-led trade association focused on electronic commerce risk and payments.  They lead industry networking, education, benchmarking and advocacy programs to make electronic commerce more efficient, safe and profitable.

For more information on the Home Shopping Network, visit: http://www.hsn.com