First-to-Market: Experian Health Delivers On Demand Coverage Discovery for Epic EMR

Published: May 31, 2016 by Experian Health

Experian Health has launched Coverage Discovery® on demand, which is integrated into Epic’s EMR. We are the first-to-market with this functionality for Epic.

In addition to Coverage Discovery’s batch reclassification of uncompensated care by finding previously misidentified patient coverage across both government and commercial payers by using advanced analytics, multiple data sources and a proprietary coverage optimization engine, the “on demand” feature provides Epic clients with additional opportunities to find coverage early in the revenue cycle—reducing additional downstream processes.

By adding the on demand option, Experian Health’s clients can now run Coverage Discovery within their Epic workflow, which will help to reduce errors, save time and ultimately improve their revenue cycle. Every dollar found in our proactive, automated Coverage Discovery solution is a dollar that our clients are not spending pursuing patients for payment, paying for expensive collection agencies, or writing off to bad debt. Coverage Discovery is also available via eCare NEXT®, OneSource and Batch for non-Epic users.

Coverage Discovery is providing significant results for over 300 Experian Health clients. In 2015, the solution discovered coverage associated with over $1.1 billion in charges. According to Murry Ford, Director, Revenue Strategy at Grady Health System,

“Coverage Discovery consistently delivers value to our organization. Since our June 2015 go-live of the batch product and November 2015 go-live of the on demand product, Coverage Discovery has protected $2.3 million in reimbursement, $509,000 of which resulted from Coverage Discovery on demand queries for inpatient admissions over a two month period.”

Read our latest press release, which further highlights Grady’s success using this solution.

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