Solutions & Best Practices for Addressing a Healthcare Data Breach


Tags: Data Breach, Healthcare, Fraud Prevention

Healthcare data breaches are an increasing issue & this paper addresses reasons for that. Find out what you need to know about data breach best practices in healthcare data breach resolution.


Recently more than 40 healthcare networks of all sizes have been victimized by medical data breaches and more are expected. These events are extremely costly to hospitals and healthcare organizations. In the short term, the reparations and notices to patients and the fines imposed by government entities are quite costly. However, the greater risk is the long-term negative impact on the hospital?s credibility and reputation in the community. Hospitals need to mitigate their risk as well as protect their patients? medical information and their network from this potential financial and public relations disaster. Most recorded data breaches can be attributed to employee theft or mismanaged data practices, often initiated by disgruntled or departing staff. Healthcare organizations experience a high annual churn rate of employees of 6.5 percent which is almost double the national cross-industry average turnover rate of 3.6 percent, according to the Ponemon Institute. With more employees entering and exiting hospital payrolls, the risk of data breaches increases. Unfortunately, the potential consequences of a data breach can be severe for healthcare companies, clients and/or employees.

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